Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Weird Reason You Are Starving

Have you ever felt starved at one time? You have probably experienced the pangs of hunger eating you up. You have even been hit with loss of energy and at the same time drain of a certain food. Starvation if not checked in time, it can lead to death, as it leads to deficiency in calories, nutrients and vitamin.

Studies have shown that people are starved by different things, which one may argue they should not. The studies have gone further to point out the basic things that bring about starvation.

Sixteen men were selected randomly and asked to pick ideal serving size of serving meals and snacks. The men were instructed to do this before and after breakfast on two different mornings, one after 8 hours after sleep and the other after no sleep at all. It was established that the ones who slept took less food as opposed to the ones who did not sleep at all, who took large portions and where more inclined to take snacks also.

The study showed that lack of sleep burns about 7 percent more calories .This study also explained that sleep deprived people compensate by eating more to regain lost energy. It also showed that lack of sleep makes the brain more alert to rewarding foods as indicated by author Pleunie Hogenkamp.

This meant that when your eyelids fall with lack of sleep, tempting food look much delicious and you tend to want them more in large quantities. The best way to avoid starving is to get enough sleep but when your working schedule interferes with your time of sleep; you ought to compensate your hunger pangs with a meal that is rich in:

1. Fiber, especially breakfast will work well with you. These foods are like quinoa with almond milk, a table spoon of almonds and a boiled egg.
2.  Protein.

Overall, eating a healthy and balanced diet is the way to go to get a lean body and lose weight. Yes, don't get it wrong. You can have a good body weight by taking foods from all the major food groups. Make sure you take a good amount of proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins in your diet everyday. Apart from the food, take lost of water and exercise regularly.

You can also use weight loss supplements such as raspberry ketones to help you manage your weight. You can read more about raspberry ketone reviews and see how it can help you manage your weight.

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